We are a diverse team driven to deliver the future of care today.

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Our Mission

To amplify care and empower patients to live healthier lives.
Everything else flows from this.
WHO we are. HOW we operate. WHAT we prioritize.

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Prem Sharma

A serial entrepreneur with experience in building and scaling three start-ups to midsize companies. His experience included creating industry-leading AI-enabled Healthcare products used by millions of users across Europe and Africa.


Khalid Aljabri
Chief Medical Officer

A board-certified cardiologist with clinical experience across different healthcare systems. He has a deep understanding of challenges in healthcare and has informed insights into the desperately needed solutions.


Douglas Kurth
Chief Technology Officer

Technical leader with 13 years of experience building software and managing engineering teams. He has delivered SaaS, web, mobile, and enterprise products in startups and mid-size tech companies.


Christine Hsieh
Chief Strategy and Research Officer

PhD in behavior/cognitive science with 7+ years of experience designing personalized health technologies. She has built experience of building patient engagement platforms for chronic and surgical patient care.