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The Clinical Research Program conducts clinical research, including the use of specialized analyses that involves effectiveness of the DayToDay (D2D) digital health ecosystem, the procedures for approved studies and real-world research to inform the specific clinical areas where patient care can be improved using digital health. We aim for excellence in digital health epidemiology. For this, we intent to move digital health epidemiology to identify and address the undiscovered and ignored areas of patient care in order to improve patient health outcomes and reduce adverse events. We focus on patient care for individuals hospitalized for treatment of their chronic or acute diseases and injury, after discharge from hospital until recovery.

The Program for Clinical Research provides the following services.

  1. Support, education and consultation services to our entire clinical research community (all sites where DayToDay health is deployed).
  2. Assessment of deployment sites to choose between 
  3. Real-world research using national, state and hospital data to identify patient care gaps and loss of revenue where implementation of digital health may be considered.
    1. D2D implementation universal registry: Single-arm, all-comer, unblinded, registry of individuals receiving D2D care after being hospitalized for treatment of a chronic disease or injury.
    2. Quasi-experimental trial: compare two years of hospital data for chosen treatment (hospitalized for treatment of a chronic disease or injury) followed by D2D implementation, wait of 1-2 months based on logistics, then two years of hospital data during implementation period.
    3. Randomized Clinical Trial: Prospective, unblinded, randomized multicenter trial study participants hospitalized for treatment of a chronic disease or injury and treatment groups of D2D after hospitalization to recovery versus routine discharge.
    4. Type II effectiveness-implementation trial: A hybrid, pragmatic, cluster-randomized, stepped-wedge implementation trial to evaluate whether post-discharge D2D implementation reduce readmission and complications, and improve patient-caregiver satisfaction after being hospitalized for treatment of a chronic disease or injury in partner hospitals.
  4. Create scientific collaborations with industry leaders in digital health and universities. Currently, we are pursuing industry-university collaborations (IUC) which will result in sponsored research programs. We provide an indirect rate of not more than 15% for sponsored research projects.
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