The Outsized Impact of Acute Care Communications

How Care Communications innovation improves patient satisfaction and positive outcomes for remote acute care. (Part 2)

The Outsized Impact of Acute Care Communications- cover
Communication between a hospital and an acute-care patient is a key factor in the outcome and happiness of the patient. The DayToDay digital-first patient experience model optimizes Care Communications beyond the walls of the hospital.
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Christine Hsieh
Christine Hsieh
Chief of Strategy & Research
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Prem Sharma
Prem Sharma
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Alexis den Boggende
Alexis den Boggende
Senior Content Writer
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Founded and led by MIT alums and experienced professionals, DayToDay is dedicated to creating an unprecedented patient care experience before and after medical procedures. Our mobile app and platform provides turn-by-turn, personalized care content and interactive tools, and live chat with personal care coaches who take care of all our patients' needs. We are a global company with operations in the US, India, & the UK.