DayToDay Health ties up with Smiles Institute of Coloproctology for guided treatment to patients

Health-tech start-up DayToDay Health on Thursday said it has partnered with Benagluru-based Smiles Institute of Coloproctology to provide to the patients a guided treatment experience covering the entire continuum of care.The company is playing a significant role in improving the level of care for patients across specialties by providing personalised care journeys through its AI platform to guide patients throughout surgical preparation and recovery, DayToDay Health said.

Through its interactive digital healthcare platform, the company helps patients throughout their preparation and recovery process during major surgery, it added.

The DayToDay-SMILES Patient Care Plan was launched on Thursday through a digital press conference.

“Patients and caregivers need high-quality healthcare, before and after a major once-in-a-lifetime procedure so that they can recover completely,” DayToDay Health CEO Prem Sharma said.

Unfortunately, in traditional healthcare settings, patients are often inadequately supported in the preparation and recovery phases that will determine the quality of their treatment outcomes, he added.

“At DayToDay Health, we have used smart technology-enabled service to overcome this barrier by devising step-by-step, personalised care journeys for caregivers to guide their patients throughout the treatment process,” Sharma said.

The company uses a digital healthcare platform to allow patients a seamless delivery of healthcare that also includes mental healthcare and counselling apart from physical health, he added.

“As healthcare providers, we often find it challenging to care for patients comprehensively when they leave the hospital. DayToDay Health''s digital healthcare platform fills this gap effectively by allowing healthcare providers to ensure seamless contact and guidance for patients,” Smiles Institute of Coloproctology CEO & founder Parameshwara C M said. PTI AKT HRS

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