DayToDay Health partners with Smiles Institute of Coloproctology, Bengaluru

To launch digital healthcare platform to give patients with colorectal conditions a guided, anxiety-free treatment experience covering entire continuum of care

Health-tech startup DayToDay Health launched its digital healthcare platform for Smiles Institute of Coloproctology, Bengaluru. The digital healthcare platform is customised to give patients with colorectal conditions a guided and anxiety-free treatment experience covering the entire continuum of care.

Through its digital healthcare platform, it educates and enables patients’ caregivers like family members, to understand and address the needs of patients more effectively. The digital healthcare platform also opens a vital window to the doctors with its analytical dashboard wherein the doctor can track and monitor patient’s progress daily. The dashboard collates vital information like daily stats and enables the doctors to connect with the patient virtually over a video or voice call.

The DayToDay – SMILES Patient Care Plan was launched through a digital press conference in the presence of Prem Sharma, CEO, DayToDay Health and Dr Parameshwara CM, CEO & Founder, Smiles Institute of Coloproctology, Bengaluru.

“Patients and caregivers need high-quality healthcare, before and after a major once-in-a-lifetime procedure so that they can recover completely. Unfortunately, in traditional healthcare settings patients are often inadequately supported in the preparation and recovery phases that will determine the quality of their treatment outcomes. At DayToDay Health, we have used smart technology- enabled service to overcome this barrier by devising step-by-step, personalised care journeys for caregivers to guide their patients throughout the treatment process. We use a digital healthcare platform – which is HIPAA and GDPR compliant – to allow patients a seamless delivery of healthcare that also includes mental healthcare and counselling apart from physical health. It ensures that the healthcare provider’s caring touch continues to help patients even outside the hospital. We are delighted to partner with SMILES Institute of Coloproctology in helping them improve their patients’ experience and treatment outcomes,” said Sharma.

“Treating serious colorectal conditions is often a complex process and surgical intervention may require proper planning and post-operative care. While patients may be required to stay at the hospital for a week or more, the recovery stretches to several weeks. Patients not only need guidance and help in preparing for the surgery and adopting the right post-operative care, they also need psychological help and mental counselling to deal with the impact of major surgery. As healthcare providers, we often find it challenging to care for patients comprehensively when they leave the hospital. DayToDay Health’s digital healthcare platform fills this gap very effectively by allowing healthcare providers to ensure seamless contact and guidance for patients. We are sure adopting this technology will enable us to significantly improve patient experience and treatment outcomes,” said Dr Parameshwara CM, CEO & Founder, Smiles Institute of Coloproctology, Bengaluru.

“DayToDay Health is already offering its digital healthcare platform to hospitals across the world with its services most widely being used in the US, the UK, and India. It helps scale the impact of in-hospital sessions through structured digital programmes designed for at-home use and expands the service scope to embrace whole patient care through holistic support. The programme also helps prevent care plan disruptions due to non-compliance by providing continuous patient guidance and allows for rapidly addressing any emergent patient needs via regular status updates and symptom trends monitoring, subsequently enhancing the reach of the doctor to ensure his active involvement in the recovery of the patient,” said Rajiv Misra, President, Asia Pacific, DayToDay Health.

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