DayToDay Health gears up to revolutionise Gujarat’s Healthcare, ties up with Vadodara’s leading super-specialty hospitals

  • Health Tech start-up DaytoDay Health India (DTDHI) partners with Vadodara's Rhythm Heart Institute for acute and comprehensive care management, along with COVID-19 pre-and-post discharge programs.
  • DTDHI's services are already present in various states of the country like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi NCR, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana among others.

Vadodara, May 25, 2021 : DayToDay Health India (DTDHI), the Indian arm of MIT-headquartered global leader in acute care space, announced today announced that it is extending its footprint in the state of Gujarat by partnering with the Vadodara’s renowned name in cardiology care, Rhythm Heart Institute, for acute and comprehensive care management. With its remote patient experience and care programs, DTDHI aims at enabling heart-patients with the new-age technologies in remote healthcare. Coming in the times of COVID-19, this association would also enable and promote the comprehensive remote handling of the infected patients from the comforts of their homes. 

A leading name in cardiology care in Vadodara, Rhythm Heart Institute has consolidated itself as a name offering comprehensive cardiac and cardiothoracic surgical procedures. This tie-up with DTDHI would equip the hospital in acute and comprehensive care by adopting new-age digitally-enabled human-driven solutions, thereby encompassing the full continuum of care for the patients.

On the partnership, Mr. Prem Sharma, Founder & CEO, DTDHI said, “In healthcare,  clinical outcomes are just as important, if not more important, than customer satisfaction. Outcomes in healthcare are driven by ensuring that every touchpoint during the patient’s journey is done right. Through our association with Rhythm Heart Institute, we aim to improve patient outcomes and assist the hospital by enabling and helping them to be present at each critical touchpoint in a patient’s journey – even after the patient is discharged.”

"As more physicians recognize the heart conditions that can be managed from home, telehealth's role in the cardiology space will continue to grow. At Rhythm Heart Institute, we understand that such patients require extended care throughout their medical journey, hence we are partnering with DTDHI. Especially, in times like these, where remote monitoring and daily vitals tracking becomes the norm, we see DTDHI as helping us in offering a seamless patient experience," shared (Mr. Pushpendra Sikarwar -COO) Rhythm Heart Institute-Group

Dr Nirav Bhalani (Director & Interventional cardiologist at Rhythm Group) - further added, “With our associations, patients will receive support in all critical areas of their healthcare journey, from initial preparation, to ongoing care and rehabilitation after recovery. More importantly, DayToDay works hard to understand every single need that patients have. In turn, DayToDay creates a customized communication plan for each patient that guides them through their needs and engages both them and their caregivers every day, instead of only checking in on symptoms during scheduled visits. As Group is expanding its Horizons to Banswars-Rajasthan & other two B cities of Gujarat, so this care programme will help patients for Rehabilitation ”

All of DayToDay’s care team staff are heavily vetted and experienced. The care coaches (nurses) are qualified, registered nurses with at least five years of experience in the area they are managing. For example, care coaches for cardiac surgeries will have worked in a hospital environment supporting cardiac patients for at last five years. In addition, all of DayToDay’s staff are local to the area of the patients they are assisting. This means that staff are vetted based on having the highest level of licensing, qualifications, and experience in their local area, instead of from an area with different rules and regulations.

About DaytoDay Health

DaytoDay Health started as a research project at MIT and the idea was awarded and soon it turned into a start-up by 2018. DTDH is the first company to provide end-to-end acute care services across the world. It addresses two critical challenges in healthcare: accessibility and clinical outcomes. To address the challenges of inaccessibility, the company delivers well-researched, digitally enabled patient protocols, and care pathways to patients and families across the globe for both pre and post-procedure care. Their virtual services ensure that patients are consistently at the centre of their care plan. Clinical outcomes are scaled up significantly by bridging the communication gap between clinicians and patients across the care spectrum. Evidence-based and data-driven, the DayToDay model mitigates avoidable complications, improves clinical efficiency, and enriches the patient experience every single day. 


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