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DayToDay’s expertise extends beyond hospital walls, to bring state-of-the-art virtual care to patients, at their homes. DayToDay continues to research, analyze data, study outcomes, and integrate with the best of the best, to provide holistic service to all its stakeholders.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a holistic approach to patient care?

A holistic approach to patient care means providing full support to the patient, not just the treatment of disease. This support should incorporate their physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. It can help healthcare providers to provide optimal care to improve outcomes.

DayToDay Health follows a holistic care approach to treat the patient as a whole, not just the disease. The DayToDay Health team follows the patient-centered approach to help patients in building silence and stress management skills.

This approach also includes diet charts, psychotherapy, psychological, relationship, and spiritual counseling. DayToDay Health team ensures to provide patient-centered and holistic patient care.

How to improve patient experience and how important it is?

The patient experience represents the level of treatment and medical care any patient gets. To improve it, the DayToDay Health team follows these things.

  • Paying attention to the concerns of the patient.
  • Improving the clarity of communication every time a patient visits.
  • Prioritizing ease-of-access
  • Commitment to timelines
  • Using market research and healthcare analytics to understand and implement data.
  • Leverage advanced technology & transparency in treatment.

It is a critical component in the evaluation of the ability to provide the best care. A better patient experience develops a sense of loyalty to your healthcare institution. DayToDay Health puts patients first to ensure concerns their concerns include in all quality initiatives. DayToDay Health uses patient satisfaction as a balance measure and discusses treatment guidelines with patients.

How to improve virtual care experiences through digital in healthcare?

Adapting digital healthcare technologies is the key to improve the overall virtual care experience. Pre COVID-19 times, patients used to access healthcare only by visiting a clinic physically. The outbreak of Covid-19 has challenged and changed this status quo.

To improve the virtual care experience the first step would be to include digitization in all aspects of the healthcare system. It will minimize errors and streamline data making it easier to treat patients with holistic patient data. 

It is crucial to integrate a telemedicine system. The flexible digital modules that address patients, as well as healthcare provider’s needs, are essential. Using the valuable insights from predictive analytics will also improve the healthcare treatment process. 

The DayToDay Health avoids too many follow-ups, making it easier for the patient to understand & follow the treatment properly.

Nowadays, Digital technologies and Telehealthcare go hand in hand. DayToDay Health has already incorporated advanced digitization to provide utmost care to their patients.

How important is Hygiene to Patient Care?

Hygiene to Patient Care is the prevention of infection, cross-infection, and safe medical treatment and care to protect both patients and Medicare professionals. The foundation to good patient care starts with Hygiene to Patient Care. At DayToDay Health we make sure our patients get quality care. 

When we talk about patient safety, we usually discuss the physical safety of the patient. We at DayToDay Health believe in the patient-centered approach that means taking care of patient’s needs and preferences and working with patients to improve their health. Due to health issues, the patient might have reduced immunity which makes them vulnerable to various infections. So it is essential to incorporate hygiene patient care.

Patient Journey Mapping: What it is and why it Matters?

Patient journey mapping at DayToDay Health is done to identify and understand the details of a patient’s problem within a specific healthcare experience. Journey mapping is a visualization of the processes patients go through to receive medical care and treatment. Patient Journey Mapping, when done correctly, makes it easier to identify causes, recovery opportunities, better treatments, and care approaches. 

  • Allows care providers to identify the cause and work on treatment to ensure a seamless patient journey. 
  • Improves communication between patients and care providers
  • Eliminate inconsistent communications. 
  • Provide seamless and timely patient recovery updates.
  • Streamline the process and workflows.

At DayToDay Health, Patient Journey Mapping is done in an advanced manner because we intend to provide comfortable and quality health care.

What will be the role of hospitals in the future, let’s say 10 and 25 years from now? How will the patient journey change?

The role of hospitals would be more of a digital health provider in the future. The patient journey will undoubtedly shift from a particular hospital to wherever the patient is. DayToDay Health's idea behind digital health is to make patients the point of care anywhere.

So, after ten years from now, the concept of patient feedback for doctors would be available at some commonplace. It will be accepted as recognition to a particular doctor and their specialization. In the next 25 years, hospitals will be used only for those procedures that require large machines or invasive interventions. At DayToDay Health, patient feedback ensures us that we are going in the right direction.

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