Importance of Contextual Content for Surgical Patients

DayToDay Team
April 14, 2021

When a patient enters a hospital to get a diagnosis of their ailment and the treatment options associated with it, the amount of stress can be overwhelming. Most of these patients are unfamiliar with medical terms and do not feel confident in the doctor or procedure until they understand it clearly.

Relevant information or content shared with the patient during this time paves way for their hospital journey and surgical recovery. Not only this, information shared during the hospitalization process and after they are discharged plays an important role in the outcome of any medical procedure. Let’s understand how contextual content is necessary for surgical patients.

Before The Surgery

Undergoing surgery is frightening for most patients. Before the patient gets admitted for surgery, a whole lot of information is shared with them. This new knowledge expands across various parameters. So much information at one go can be daunting for the patient, as well as their families. At this stage, it becomes essential to help the patient understand each aspect of the surgical journey.

Care of surgical patient begins with the right communication and relevant information sharing. For example, before any surgical procedure, the doctor makes note of allergies and dietary habits. The doctor explains all the risk factors of the surgery and also explains why the surgery is necessary. They dive into details like length of hospital stay and the recovery process. A consent form is signed by the patient once they understand all the variables. Hospitals often collaborate with providers like DayToDay Health to share information about the procedure, precautions, reminders, among others, in the form of videos and articles.

Educating the patient and their family about the procedure is never just information and rules. It is a two-way communication where the patient can freely ask questions and choose their treatment course. The right information can help patients understand why they have a problem and how the solution will improve their condition. Communicating will also open a transparent channel between the care provider and the patient, ultimately building confidence in one another.

After the Surgery

Once the patient enters the recovery phase, the aim modifies from treating the ailment to improving the condition. Even in the post operative care phase, the patient can feel physically and emotionally distressed. The patient eases into getting back to their routine life with the guidance provided by doctors and their care coaches. Clear and relevant pre-and post-operative information, along with follow-up instructions, help shorten the length of stay and chances of readmission, ultimately enabling a successful surgical patient recovery.

Even though the patient is informed about the post-operative instructions, having someone assist them through the recovery is far more beneficial. Care coaches become the main source of information for the patient and their family. They help patients by providing knowledge on pain management, surgical care, and wound management. They also provide dietary and psychological guidance through articles, videos, or online sessions.

The ad rem knowledge shared with the patient and their family provides sufficient hand-holding through the recovery journey. The patient is prepared well in advance for what to expect and experience the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what to do next.


Content is not just limited to articles or videos but also includes verbal and written communication. Communicating and educating the patient gives care providers insights into their emotional state, social determinants of their health, patient’s condition and need, as well as, identifying any special needs they have. In return, the patient is more confident in the procedure, is better at managing symptoms, is prepared for the outcome, and is diligent in improving their medical condition.

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