Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation for a Heart Patient

DayToDay Team
June 3, 2021

Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in India. According to a study in Lancet Glob Health, it is estimated that over 54.5 million Indians suffer from cardiovascular disease. Cardiac rehabilitation can help a cardiac patient recover from a heart ailment and prevent any further complications.

Anyone who undergoes a heart attack or a heart procedure requires cardiac rehabilitation. Essential for recovery, cardiac rehabilitation can help strengthen the body’s capacity to get better.

Let’s understand more about the role Cardiac rehabilitation plays in recovery.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program with medically supervised steps that help patients recover from a cardiac procedure or surgery. It is recommended to patients who have experienced a heart attack, angioplasty, bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, peripheral artery disease, or heart failure.

The duration of cardiac rehabilitation depends on the heart ailment and the patient’s condition. Cardiac Rehabilitation includes the following -

  • Medical evaluation to prepare a program tailor-made for the patient
  • Counseling for stress reduction and improving mental well-being
  • Education regarding healthy living, good eating habits, and elimination of habits including smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Guided exercises and physiotherapy

A patient may initially find the program exhausting and difficult, but they benefit from it immensely. Cardiac rehab can provide the external push one needs to overcome hardship and move towards an active lifestyle with motivation and energy. The chance of a positive recovery ultimately is dependent on the individual undertaking it.

How can rehabilitation help a Cardiac Patient?

The benefits of cardiac rehab are short-term as well as long-term. These include -

  • Managing stress and stress reduction
  • Managing and relieving symptoms like chest pain
  • Increasing strength and endurance to carry out daily activities
  • Initiating recovery and preventing future illnesses
  • Introducing good habits in one’s daily regime, like healthy eating, quitting tobacco, alcohol consumption, and increase in physical activity
  • Elevating mood and positive attitude towards life
  • Educating and preparing patients for any adverse situations

Where can one get Cardiac Rehabilitation?

A cardiac patient can connect with their doctor for guidance and support regarding the rehabilitation process. Many hospitals have the infrastructure to carry it out in their premises or rehabilitation centers. A cardiac patient can also choose virtual cardiac rehabilitation programs, which give them the liberty to get better from their homes.

DayToDay Health provides cardiac rehabilitation as part of its post-surgery care program. Services include doctor consultations, guidance by around-the-clock nursing care coaches, dietician consultation, well-being guides and psychologists, physiotherapists, access to interactive content, and verified information, among others.

What can a Cardiac Patient expect after rehabilitation?

Cardiac patient recovery is propelled in the right direction after the rehabilitation program gets over. Patients should continue to follow healthy lifestyle changes, exercise, and maintain a diet that supports heart health.

Patients who stick to the cardiac rehabilitation program experience improved strength, easy weight management, intolerance to poor habits like smoking, better stress relief, and overall a lower risk to any more heart ailments.


A whole team of doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and care coaches work together to create Cardiac Rehab programs essential for cardiac patient recovery. The program assists patients, both physically and emotionally. As the patient gets stronger, they take control of their lives and return to their routine.

DayToDay Health works tirelessly to provide cardiac patients with the program they need, ensuring that it is safe and effective. For more information on Cardiac rehabilitation and Post-Surgical Care programs, contact 08048165558 or

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