Post Operative Care and Surgery Recovery

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April 15, 2021

Surgery is an invasive procedure and often the last resort to manage any ailment or disorder. While the focus is often put on the surgery, recovery plays a major role in making the treatment a success. No matter how much reassurance about recovery one gets, there is always a sense of worry. Slow and poor recovery may take a toll on the patient and land them in the hospital again. To avoid all that, following some anecdotes can make the post surgery recovery phase a lot smoother. Let’s go through them, one by one.

Preparations for Recovery Before the Surgery

While the doctor explains the whole process of hospitalization and surgery, they also talk about getting better. Details like how long the recovery phase is, what lifestyle changes are to be adopted, what diet is essential, and how the surroundings play a role in recovery are discussed. Some preparations before the actual surgery can ease the stress.

Stock the pantry -

The doctor may advise a special post surgery diet that may not be readily available. Since moving around may be restricted after surgery, it is advised to get all necessary dietary supplies beforehand.

Shift to a lower floor -

After orthopedic or cardiac surgeries, climbing stairs can be a cause for concern. If possible, one must consider moving to a place accessible by a lift or ramp or on a lower floor.

Add side railings in the house -

Taking a bath or accessing the utilities, post surgery can be challenging, especially if one has stitches. A patient with fall risk should get side railings wherever they may have to move or stand for a longer period.

Buying necessary equipment -

Equipment like oximeter, oxygen tank, walker, gauze, bandages, among others should be stocked for when they are required.

Ask for assistance -

Before undergoing surgery, make sure you have someone to help you with the post-hospitalization processes. Nowadays, home care services and virtual healthcare services are readily available for assistance at home.

Management of Recovery at Home

Before the patient is discharged from the hospital, the doctor explains some rules for recovery or post surgery care steps that the patient must follow. Following these steps are essential to limit post surgery complications, cross-infection, delayed recovery, and re-hospitalization.

Take medicines on time -

Medicines to manage the ailment are often prescribed and asked to be continued well into the recovery. Missing them may interfere with sleep and dietary pattern, as well as disrupt the healing process.

Follow instructions given by the doctor -

The doctor shares guidelines on when the patient can start to drive, exercise, get back to work, indulge in physical activities, and much more. Information on the schedule for medicines and care for stitches is also shared. It is advised to follow all the instructions to a tee. One can opt to make a note of this information or connect with a Care Coach to access the instructions at any point in their recovery.

Don’t ignore mental health -

One may feel overwhelmed and anxious about their recovery. Not being in the right frame of mind can be harmful during this period. It is recommended to seek help through trained professionals whenever the going gets tough.

Maintain a balanced diet -

Following a balanced diet and staying hydrated is key for getting better. The patient can also connect with a dietician for specific diet plans.

Don’t miss physiotherapy -

One or two sessions before leaving the hospital and then continuing physiotherapy at home can propel recovery in the right direction. Skipping physical therapy can slow the healing process and contribute to disability.

Look out for complications -

There are always setbacks and risks associated with surgeries. In case the patient feels unwell even after a few days or notices abnormal symptoms, they should immediately connect with their care coach or doctor.

Never hesitate to ask for help -

Post surgery care can be tricky and extremely stressful for the patient and their family. They should feel free to ask for assistance wherever required. Virtual healthcare platforms like DayToDay Health provide 24x7 assistance with the help of their nursing care coaches, a vast knowledge base, and interactive application. Such platforms give patients easy access to high-quality patient care, no matter where they are.


No matter how minor or major surgery is, post surgery recovery takes immense energy and time. Making recovery plans in advance and following up on them after surgery can make the entire medical journey event-free and tolerable. It is important to seek assistance, follow instructions, and take care of mental health, to ultimately get back safely to the old routine.

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