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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy During the Covid19 Pandemic

September 27, 2021

With Covid19 came the changes in our working patterns, day-to-day activities, physical health, and much more. Our days are more flexible, with time to laze around, not travel, and stay inactive. A lifestyle like this for a period can cause some damage to our health, specifically heart health.

One knows that heart disorders and hypertension can influence the risk of Covid19 infection greatly. Though, there are a few steps that can reduce the chaos and answer a pressing question. How to make your heart healthy during Covid 19?

Let’s explore -

Diet the right way

Eating certain food items can increase or decrease the risk of heart ailments. A healthy diet for a healthy heart is more about controlling portions and less about eliminating foods.

Identifying food low in saturated and trans fat, salt, and added sugars is the first step. Incorporating the above with whole grains, food high in antioxidants, and fibers into a regular diet is the next step.

Connecting with a dietician is a good idea for the right balance of nutrients and variety in the diet. Making a daily meal plan with various alternatives can help to stick to the diet.

Get some good sleep

Sleep is an essential step in keeping the heart fit and strong. People who don’t sleep enough and overwork themselves are more susceptible to heart disorders. Ideally, one should aim to sleep for at least seven to eight hours daily.

Many times sleeplessness links to diseases like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes breathing to start and stop while sleeping. It is necessary to get it checked and treated in time. The Sleep Foundation says that people with sleep apnea are two to four times more susceptible to abnormal heart rhythms.

Stay active

Indulging in regular physical activities, like walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, reduces the risk of heart diseases. When one stays active, the body tends to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and body weight.

Regular exercising also helps in strengthening the joints and muscles. One can make realistic goals, depending on how tiring and hectic their schedules are. One can also choose activities that interest them. That way, they are more likely to be followed.

Performing activities that require more than one person can help one to follow a pattern towards healthy living. Plus, it helps to become more motivated and social in life.

Smoke-free is the way to go.

Tobacco in any form can cause harm to one’s health. Tobacco smoking damages most blood vessels that supply to the heart, lungs, and other parts. According to the Heart Foundation, smoking can increase the chances of dying of a heart attack or stroke by four times.

An effective way to limit or completely stop smoking is by seeking help through support groups. One also gets motivated to quit with family support. One can begin with not smoking in closed spaces, near family and friends. Even though it is difficult, constant persistence, practice, support, and help can motivate to stop smoking.

Keep your heart in check.

People keep asking ways on how to strengthen your heart. The first step in answering the question is to know the condition of the heart. One should connect with a cardiologist after the age of 45 years to get regular Heart check-ups.

Usually, during a heart check-up, the doctor checks for family and past medical history, lifestyle and physical activities, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and dietary habits. Check-ups give doctors the whole picture of the heart’s condition and help them make decisions.

Doctors can alert about the possibility of strokes or heart attacks, looking at the current condition of the heart. They also advise precautions that can help a person avoid heart conditions and live a healthy life. Managing the risk factors to get better is the biggest takeaway from this.

The relation with Covid19

Covid19 heart attack became a sensation in the last few months. Many countries saw people passing away a few months after contracting Covid and possibly from a heart condition. Covid19 heart conditions have hampered recovery and made it difficult for many people to come out of the tragedy.

Possible heart issues after Covid19 include arrhythmias, palpitations, chest discomfort, and feeling dizzy. It is seen that heart attacks due to fast heartbeat, anemia, and low blood oxygen levels, after Covid19 are common.

Heart conditions after Covid19 recovery can be hard to detect if one doesn’t connect with a doctor on time. It is advisable to stay in touch with a cardiologist and get a heart check-up after recovery.

Following the above-listed steps can take time, but is not impossible. To know about DayToday Health’s Virtual Cardiac Care Services, contact us at

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