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How do Digital Care Plans Help Expecting Mothers through Motherhood

DayToDay Team
July 8, 2021

Motherhood is an exceptional time in a woman’s life. From the time she conceives to after delivery, special attention is given to her and her growing baby. Her physical and mental health are closely observed, her diet is controlled, and her daily activities are monitored. To have a smooth, event-free pregnancy journey, one may require additional support. Here is where Digital Care plans come in handy.

Let’s have a look at the ways digital care helps expecting mothers through their pregnancy trimesters and beyond.

For First Trimester

The first trimester starts from the last day of menstruation after conception to the twelfth week of pregnancy. The trimester's characteristics include symptoms like morning sickness, heightened smell, swelling of fingers and toes, food cravings and aversions, heartburns, weight gains, among others.

The main focus in the first trimester is on antenatal appointments, consuming multivitamins, folic acid, and other medicines, maintaining a healthy diet, performing safe exercises, and quitting unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.

Digital care programs like that by DayToDay Health help mothers set tasks on a pregnancy care app, set reminders for medicines, doctor consultations, lab tests, and connect with dieticians, psychologists, and physiotherapists for lifestyle modifications. The maternity care program also helps record and monitor the week-by-week progress and informs the expecting mother about the same.

For Second Trimester

The second trimester starts from the thirteenth week till the twenty-seventh week of the pregnancy journey. Its characteristics include joint pains, body ache, stretch marks, heartburn, dizziness, increased appetite, etc.

As the attention is kept on a diet, exercising, lifestyle habits, and antenatal care, expecting mothers may get overwhelmed. Digital programs give a platform to mothers and their families to understand and know what they can expect during pregnancy and after the delivery. It ultimately helps to put the families at ease.

DayToDay Health’s pregnancy care app gives the care back in the hands of the expecting mothers. Involvement of expecting mothers is more in their pregnancy journey, as they get to enter their vital stats like blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, pregnancy symptoms, and other medical details on the pregnancy care app. The statistics are monitored and recorded securely for optimum delivery of care.

For Third Trimester

The third trimester starts from the twenty-eighth week till delivery. The symptoms a mother experiences include swollen ankles, body ache, difficulty sleeping, heartburn, Braxton-Hicks contractions, tenderness in breasts, etc. The third is the third trimester and has the most antenatal visits.

As the family starts to prepare for the newborn, the pregnancy care app by DayToDay connects the expecting mother and her family with a Care coach or virtual nursing assistant. The care coach is available around the clock to guide the family through the delivery and post-delivery process.

The coach helps escalate any sudden changes or unexpected symptoms with the doctor for early intervention. The Care coach monitors pregnancy symptoms, progress, and recovery of the mother and frequently takes health updates for the newborn.

For Post Pregnancy Care

The pregnancy care app by DayToday Health enables easy access to information and interactive content relevant to the post-pregnancy phase. From how to pack for the hospital, how to modify home for the baby, what diet to maintain after delivery, how to manage post-delivery symptoms, the app gives all the information.

The care coach at DayToDay becomes an essential part of the pregnancy journey. The coach keeps track of antenatal and postpartum appointments, medicine schedules, dietary, physiotherapist, and wellbeing consultation. They also advise and guide the family through the maternity journey.

For C-section delivery, mothers get access to tools to manage the surgical site at home and note their recovery. Such services enable high-quality pregnancy care at any point of the day and in any part of the world.

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