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Frequently Asked Questions about Covid19 Vaccination during Pregnancy

DayToDay Team
August 20, 2021

Getting Covid19 vaccination during pregnancy has been a dilemma in every expecting woman’s mind lately. Many questions about the safety of the fetus and mother after the Covid19 vaccination are coming up.

A recent study by the CDC found that vaccination early or later in pregnancy does not increase the risk of miscarriages. CDC’s Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, encourages covid19 vaccine for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and women planning to get pregnant.

This article aims to clear doubts and answer some questions. Let’s get started.

Why is everyone recommending the Covid19 vaccine for pregnant women?

Studies say that pregnant women are not more at risk of getting Covid 19. But, if they do have the disease, the symptoms are more severe than that of non-pregnant women. Moreover, pregnant women with the infection are more likely to go into preterm labor and delivery. They face an increase in adverse pregnancy outcomes, including neonatal morbidity.

Coronavirus-infected pregnant women with comorbidities face a sudden decline in health and adverse reactions. Medical institutions are asking expecting mothers to follow Covid19 appropriate precautions, including getting vaccinated. The benefits of the vaccine outweigh the potential risks by a large margin.

Can Covid19 affect the health of a pregnant woman?

According to NTAGI, over 90 percent of pregnant women recover from Covid 19 without any hospitalization. Though, doctors note rapid deterioration in a few severe cases. Expecting mothers who are symptomatic or have comorbidities do have a more difficult recovery. Pregnant women with other medical issues and Covid19 may experience hospitalization, iatrogenic preterm birth, pre-eclampsia-like symptoms, and C-section deliveries.

Are there any Covid19 vaccination side effects on the mother or fetus?

Studies show that the Covid 19 vaccination is safe for both the mother and fetus. Like any medicine, one may experience mild symptoms like fever, weakness, lightheadedness, and body ache. Most pregnant women complain about pain at the injection site. If one is allergic to the vaccine, they may experience symptoms for over 20 days. In such a situation, immediate medical assistance is essential.

When can someone who has coronavirus during current pregnancy get vaccinated?

A pregnant woman with coronavirus can take the Covid19 vaccination immediately after delivery. The body by itself produces antibodies during recovery from the virus. Consuming immunity-boosting food items and following precautions can help the mother stay away from a second viral infection.

What are the contraindications for the Covid19 vaccine in pregnancy?

Expecting mothers should avoid getting the Covid19 vaccine in pregnancy if they have previously had an allergic reaction to it. If pregnant women have an active infection or Covid19 itself, they should wait till recovery.

Doctors recommend that one can wait two to three months after coronavirus infection to get vaccinated. Pregnant women who have covid19 in their current pregnancy or are taking anti-Covid19 monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma as treatment can delay vaccination.

What are the warning signs after the Covid19 vaccine in pregnancy?

If one is allergic to the covid19 vaccines, the symptoms are visible within twenty days of vaccination. One must look out for chest pain, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, skin bruising, and pain in the limbs. Other warning signs include pain in the eyes, persistent vomiting, and headaches or migraines.

Are there any services that cater to pregnancy and Covid19 needs?

Yes, healthcare giants like DayToDay Health provide virtual care programs for both antenatal and postnatal care. Moreover, their services expand to Covid19 home isolation care and Long-haul Covid19 virtual care. The services help the mother connect with a Care coach for round-the-clock assistance. The virtual services include the DayToDay app with remote monitoring features and an informative library. Sessions with dieticians, psychologists, and physiotherapists are some more features of the program.

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