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DayToDay’s Home Quarantine Program: Making A Difference

DayToDay Team
May 14, 2021

Before the year 2020, quarantine was a word rarely used in our day-to-day chatter. With the onset of the pandemic, doctors, nurses, and various healthcare workers got together to identify ways to steer clear of the virus. Realizing that the virus spread through close contact, maintaining distance became a norm.

While staying 6 feet apart was being carried out, people still kept falling ill. The burden on hospitals increased and panic set in. At this time, doctors started emphasizing staying indoors and quarantining individuals who were covid positive. After some hit and trial, people understood why to quarantine, when to quarantine, and how to quarantine.

Everyone soon realized how big a responsibility it was to take care of someone infected by the virus, often feeling overwhelmed and anxious. DayToDay Health understood the needs of the patients and their caretakers and introduced a program that could assist them through these tough times virtually.

What is the DayToDay’s Home Quarantine Program?

DayToDay’s initiative to bring quality virtual care to Covid patients and their families began with an interactive program. This service enables patients to take control of their recovery and health. It was identified that most Covid patients could recover comfortably from their homes with proper guidance and support. Working on this principle, the home quarantine program runs for ten days and provides

  • Access to trained nursing care coaches, who are available over chat and call. These nurses can assist with queries, doubts, and alert escalations.
  • Virtual doctor consultations at timings suitable to the patient.
  • Psychological support and counseling, along with verified reading material and videos on wellbeing.
  • Daily vital tracking, including blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, among others.
  • Daily symptom management, focusing especially on Covid symptoms like fever, body ache, rashes, gastric issues, loss of taste and smell, etc.
  • Comprehensive content on relevant topics in various languages.

Since the services available through the Home Quarantine Program are virtual, it doesn’t contribute to any contamination or physical risks to the patients or their families. Everything is facilitated through the DayToDay Health app, which can be downloaded from the Playstore or App store.

How is DayToDay making a difference?

Many families took solace in the home quarantine program. Mr. Divyan Goel contacted DayToDay through his family doctor. Since he lived alone, he required assistance with his doctor appointments, symptoms management, and care support. DayToDay's nursing care team was available around the clock to answer his queries and manage his symptoms. With the Home Quarantine Program, Mr. Goal also got access to three doctor appointments over ten days.

Similarly, Mr. Mrigank Tripathi was an active DayToDay Health user. While he was already on a different DayToDay program, his wife was diagnosed with Covid 19. She was put on the home quarantine program promptly, where she got access to expert advice, consultation with a respiratory therapist, and an essential covid care kit. Both Mr. Tripathi and his wife could communicate with their nursing coach and screen through interactive content on the DayToDay platform.

Some patients needed attention for more than ten days. Their home quarantine program was extending with the continuation of the benefits. For Mr. Ajay Naik, a dietician consultation was also arranged to assist him. Since he had diabetes and loss of taste, the dietician helped him with a healthy yet enticing diet plan. He also benefited from psychological counseling and various wellbeing modules.

The program has enabled patients to access health care through their cellphone while sitting in any part of the world. It has helped make them independent, active, alert, and confident in their treatment and recovery plans. For more information on the Home quarantine program, one can contact DayToDay’s representative at 08048165558 or

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