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Covid19 Do’s and Don'ts after Vaccination

DayToDay Team
August 3, 2021

As per the official Indian Government, by Jul 31, 2021, over 36 crore people have received their first Covid 19 dose, and over Ten crore people have received the second dose. As the vaccination drives increase by the day, India prepares to produce and procure vaccination for children below  18 years.

While people are getting vaccinated, they have some queries regarding post-vaccine symptoms, as well as restrictions. Let's answer the queries through some Covid 19 dos and don'ts in this article.

Covid 19 Dos after vaccination

After the vaccination, people experience headaches, body pain, fever, and fatigue. Maintaining adequate levels of hydration can help ease these Covid19 vaccine side effects.

Make sure one sits at the vaccination center for at least twenty minutes after the vaccination. This helps catch any individual with adverse side effects to the vaccination and administer emergency care.

Taking a balanced diet can help avoid serious side effects from the vaccine. Including a diet rich in green vegetables, turmeric, and garlic helps boost immunity. There are no restrictions on eating chicken or any other meat after Covid 19 vaccine.

Include seasonal fruits in the diet chart. These are usually high in vitamins and minerals and keep the symptoms at bay.

Some people may experience fever after Covishield vaccine or Covaxin vaccine. One should not panic in this case. Regular medical management and applying cold bandages on the forehead can help manage the symptom.

Seven to eight hours of sleep before and after the Covid 19 vaccine can help the body relax. Sleep deprivation leads to suppression of immunity, and the body has to overwork to manage the symptoms.

At the site of the injection, one can apply a wet cloth. The cloth will help reduce the pain and inflammation. Avoiding strenuous exercises and heavy lifting is a precaution after covid 19 vaccine one must follow.

Connecting with a doctor if an individual has comorbidities is a good idea. In most cases, a patient with allergies to any vaccine usually informs their doctor beforehand. Anyone on blood thinners or steroids should ask their doctor if it is okay to get the Covid 19 vaccine.

Individuals should continue following appropriate precautions after Covid 19 vaccination. These include wearing a mask, sanitizing and washing hands properly, and maintaining physical distance, especially in crowded places.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, pregnant and lactating women can get their vaccination. They also advise breastfeeding so that their child receives antibodies through breast milk.

Covid 19 Don'ts after Vaccination

The DayToDay Health platform often receives queries like can I smoke after Covid 19 vaccine or can we drink alcohol after Covid 19 vaccine in India? The answer is that one should avoid consuming alcohol or tobacco for a few days after the vaccine. According to UNICEF, alcohol, and tobacco can lower the body's immunity and affect the vaccine's effectiveness in the body.

Many people assume that vaccination provides 100% immunity from Covid 19. The vaccine has a high success rate in lowering the effect of the Covid virus in case it enters the body. The infection is much milder, and in most cases, the patient suffers no hospitalization or serious complications. Precautions after covid 19 vaccine should be continuously followed.

Don't delay consultation with a doctor if Covid 19 vaccine side effects do not go away. The vaccination takes a few days to kick in. But beyond a week or so, the side effects like pain and discomfort on the arm should subside.

One should not miss any other necessary vaccines in the period before, in between, or after the covid 19 vaccine. Again, consulting with a doctor to get an even schedule for all the vaccinations is advisable.  


As everyone anticipates the third wave of Covid 19, one must push others to get both doses of the Covid 19 vaccine. Records show that the vaccines have helped increase immunity and keep the covid infection at a low. One must also share verified information about Covid 19 vaccine side effects and the precautions after Covid 19 vaccination.

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